Discourse and Interaction – Vol. 1, No. 2, 2008




Martin Adam

Secondary religious discourse: Sermon as a distributional macrofield

Blanka Babická

The passive voice in English and Czech and some implications for teaching

Miroslav Cerný

On the manifestation of negative politeness in doctor-patient interaction

Irena Hulková

Conjuncts versus disjuncts: What exactly distinguishes the two?

Markéta Malá

Participial adverbials in spoken academic corpora: “gonna have a hard time getting through”

Daniel Nkemleke

Please-requests in Cameroonian and Kenyan private (social) letters

Rita Rafajlovicová

Postmodification by relative clauses in oral and written discourse

Josef Schmied

Hedges in specialised vs. popular academic interaction: A case study of medical texts

Milan Smutný

Czech equivalents of English compound substantives

Alice Tihelková

Towards a syntagmatic bilingual dictionary for specific purposes

Radek Vogel

Sentence linkers in essays and papers by native vs. non-native writers


Irena Headlandová-Kalischová

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Alena Kacmárová

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Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova

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Renata Povolná

Chamonikolasová, J.: Intonation in English and Czech Dialogues. Spisy Masarykovy univerzity, Filozofická fakulta, No. 365, Brno 2007




Date of Issue: 31/12/2008

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