Rozšiřující studium AJ pro SŠ

Programme Description

This is a 2-semester programme focusing on preparing students to teach teenagers at secondary schools. Students will investigate Methodology, the Historical Development of English, Stylistics, Literature, and Testing at Secondary Schools. The course finishes with a written final work of at least 30 pages and a final exam.

Year Tutors

The English department offers the system of year tutors to facilitate the communication between the students and the department. The role of the year tutors is to guide students through the sophisticated system of study rules and help them deal with challenges they may face.

Please feel free to contact your year tutor if you have questions. You can find out who your year tutor is by using the table below.

Year 1 Radek Vogel

Methodology Courses

Below you can see an overview of what students of the Rozšiřující studium AJ pro SŠ programme can expect from each semester of Methodology and their Teaching Practice at our department.

You can find all necessary documents for your teaching practice at the Teaching Practice page.

Semester Methodology Course School Experience Course
1. AJ3DC_DIDA (colloquy)Basic principles of teaching teenage and young

adult learners, current issues in ELT


Journal articles and online materials

Colloquy: classroom research presentations

2. AJ2MK_TEHO (credit)Testing and assessment in ELT


HUGHES, Arthur. Testing for language teachers. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003

Final Exams

See more information at the page on Final Exams – Rozšiřující studium AJ pro SŠ.

Final Work

When choosing a topic for the final work, students should choose a topic covered by one of the classes offered in this study programme. Students should then look at the topics suggested by members of our department in IS (under Packages of Topics, under Student) and select a supervisor to contact and work out the details of their cooperation with.

No matter what the topic, the theses must be written in English.

The final version of the work needs to have minimum 54,000 characters, which translates to approximately 30 pages (not including figures and appendices). The deadline for submission (uploading the thesis into the archive in IS) is four weeks before the final exam. Two printed copies must follow soon after.

Evaluation of the thesis will be given based upon a rubric for evaluation. Students should refer to the General Guidelines for Writing Theses, as well as the Sectional Instructions for Theses for those writing on topics in each section.