Předměty v angličtině

List of Erasmus friendly subjects (= taught in English) at the Faculty can be found here

Complete list of subjects in bachelor, master and doctoral degree at Department of Geography are in the list here. The subjects are taught in the Czech language but it is possible to get individual study plan in English.

Bachelor degree
Autumn semester Spring semester
Ze0101 Introduction to Geography and Planetary Geography Ze0107 Geoinformatics for Geographers 1
Ze0102 Cartography Ze0108 The Atmosphere and Hydrosphere of the Earth
Ze0103 Relief and Structure of the Earth Ze0109 Field Practice of Cartography
Ze0104 Geography of Brno Ze0110 The World by View of Geographer
Ze0105 Repetition of Geography Ze0111 Tablets in Geography Teaching
Ze0106 Earth and Space Ze0115 Bachelor Thesis Consultation 1
Ze0112 Soils and Biota of the Earth Ze0116 Geography of Productive Sector
Ze0113 Geography of Population and Settlements Ze0117 Thematic Cartography
Ze0114 Geoinformatics for Geographers 2 Ze0118 Field Practice in Social Geography
Ze0120 Bachelor Thesis Consultation 2 Ze0119 Field Practice in Physical Geography
Ze0121 Geography of Non-productive Sector Ze0124 Bachelor Thesis Consultation 3
Ze0122 Didactics of Geography for Bachelor study Ze0125 Risks and Hazards
Ze0123 Foreign Field Practice – Europe Ze0126 Urban and Rural Geography


Master degree
Autumn semester Spring semester
Ze0151 Didactics of Geography 1 Ze0156 Didactics of Geography 2
Ze0152 Landscape Science Ze0157 Physical Geography of the Czech Republic
Ze0153 Useful Geography Ze0158 Socioeconomic Geography of the Czech Republic
Ze0154 Integrated Field Education – Jedovnice Ze0159 Field Practise – Czech Republic
Ze0155 Activating Forms and Methods of Teaching Geography Ze0160 Diploma Thesis Consultation 1
Ze0161 Didactics of Geography 3 Ze0166 Geography in English
Ze0162 Regional Geography of Europe Ze0167 Research in Geography Education
Ze0163 Regional Geography of America, Australia, Oceania and Polar Regions Ze0168 Diploma Thesis Consultation 3
Ze0164 Regional Geography of Asia and Africa  
Ze0165 Diploma Thesis Consultation 2


Ph.D. degree
Autumn semester Spring semester
ZeD001 Comprehensive geography ZeD004 Research Methodology in Pedagogy
ZeD002 School Education ZeD005 Applied Geography
ZeD003 Educational Psychology ZeD007 Research Methodology in Didactics of Geography 2
ZeD006 Research Methodology in Didactics of Geography 1 ZeD008 The Research Practicum
ZeD011 Pedeutology ZeD009 Curricular Studies
ZeD012 Problem Teaching and Learning in Geography Teaching ZeD010 The International Dimension of Geographic Education
ZeD013 GIS and Cartographic Tools in Geographic Education 1 ZeD014 Methodology of Geography and Current Trends in Geographical Education
  ZeD015 Rating of Geography Textbooks
  ZeD016 Case Study in Geography
  ZeD017 Geoinformation and Cartographic Tools in Geographic Education 2