Inclusive education and social support to overcome inequalities in society

(Inclusive education and social support to tackle inequality in society)

European Union, RIA, H2020-SC6-REV-INEQUAL

Duration: January 2017 - December 2019
MU Investigator: doc. PdDr. Karel Pančocha, Ph.D.
Workplace: Institute of Inclusive Education Research, PdF MU
Research team: Mgr. Jana Obrovská, Ph.D., Mgr. Lenka Slepičková, Ph.D., Mgr. Zuzana Lenhartova, Mgr. Lenka Kissová and Mgr. Kateřina Sidiropulu Janků, Ph.D.


The ISOTIS project, funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020, addresses the nature, causes and implications of social and educational inequalities. The Czech team of researchers from the Institute for Inclusive Education Research collaborates with 16 other research teams from 11 European countries, such as Utrecht University, University of Oxford or Freie University Berlin.

Project goal is to formulate effective policies and create practices that will help overcome inequalities. We want to find out what factors exacerbate educational inequalities and what mechanisms of education and social systems reproduce social exclusion.

Researchers will focus on the ISOTIS project in countries with a significant proportion of migrant groups, ethnic minorities and socially weak majority groups. The project will address the present resources, aspirations and needs of children and parents from these target groups in relation to national and local policies.

The project consists of systematic reviews, secondary data analyzes, questionnaire surveys, interviews and case studies. Several new data collections will take place within the project:

  1. Quantitative questionnaire survey among parents,
  2. In-depth interviews with parents and children aged 5-6 and 10-14 years,
  3. An online survey of early childhood and primary education experts,
  4. Interviews with social service providers and policy makers,
  5. Case studies with attended observations, interviews, and focus groups.

Project activities are divided into several sections. Researchers from Masaryk University are involved in several of them.

The results of the ISOTIS project will contribute to the development of effective policies and practices by formulating recommendations and specific tools for:

  1. supporting disadvantaged families and communities in using their own cultural and linguistic resources that can contribute to a stimulating family environment for their children;
  2. creating effective and inclusive pedagogical approaches in pre-school facilities and schools;
  3. professionalisation of school staff and other educational institutions in promoting quality and inclusion;
  4. coordination between the different actors supporting families and children from the target groups;
  5. creating policies aimed at overcoming inequalities in education.

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Project news

Závěrečné reporty českého výzkumného týmu ISOTIS a poděkování za spolupráci

Newsletter duben – červenec 2019 (.pdf)

Newsletter říjen 2018 (.pdf)

17 - 18 September 2018 - Presentation of ISOTIS researchers at Theoretical and Empirical Reflections on Social Disorganization and Otherness in Modern European Societies

30 - 31.8.2018 - Presentation of ISOTIS researchers at the Education and Social Cohesion conference

4.6.2018 - VIRTUAL TEACHING ENVIRONMENT in kindergartens and primary schools (.pdf)

Newsletter May 2018 (.pdf)

1.4.2018 - Call for authors: Monograph of Orbis scholae / 2019

30.3.2018 - The inventory and analysis of promising pedagogical approaches, curricula and interventions in the field of social climate focused on the issue of inequality (.pdf)

30.3.2018 - Research report: Role of experts in promoting diversity and inclusion (.pdf)

Newsletter December 2017 (in English)

22.11.2017 - Presentation of ISOTIS researchers at the conference "School as a way to human dignity (?)"

22.11.2017 - ISOTIS Research Leaflet for Parents (.pdf)

5.10.2017 and 6.10.2017 - Training of interviewers for the sample survey - Brno and Ústí nad Labem

23.9.2017 - Workshop "Research in Roma Families"

13.9.2017 - Presentation of ISOTIS researchers at the 25th Annual Conference of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Newsletter September 2017 (in English)

Newsletter for January - June 2017 (.pdf)

23.5.2017 - Eduspace Education Festival

12.5.2017 - Meeting of Czech experts on the issue of education of socially disadvantaged children

12.4.2017 - The work with various cultural backgrounds (video on YouTube)


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