Active Citizenship and Decent Work


Erasmus+; 2015-1-ES01-KA204-016067; 2015-2017

According to Eurostat, the unemployment rate of those under 25 years in the European Union was 22.2% in 2014 (53.2% in Spain; 52.3% in Greece; 42.7% in Italy; 19.5% in Czech Republic and 19.3% in Lithuania). Despite the differences between countries, these figures are high all over the Europe, therefore, it is topical to face it from a transnational perspective.
A group of workers/job seekers experiencing multiple difficulties to succeed at the job market are young people with fewer opportunities. This international project aims at supporting this particular target group by helping them to realize their full potential and strengthening their participation in society. The project consortium consists of six partners from five countries, each of them bringing a unique expertise to the project (VET college from Lithuania, education and training providers from Spain, Greece and Italy and teacher college from the Czech Republic). Our main aim is to develop active learning methodologies, pedagogical approaches and training materials especially designed to improve social and civic competencies and the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship of young adults with fewer opportunities.
Furthermore, the project will promote equal opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities and promote European values according to Article 2 of the European Union Treaty.