NMgr studium – dvouoborové

Official Name in English
Teacher Training for Primary and Lower Secondary Schools, Lower Secondary School English Language Teacher Training – double-subject study, full-time mode, Standard Length of Study
2 years
Degree Conferred
Master’s (Mgr.)

The study is designed as a follow-up course of studies for those who have already received a bachelor’s degree from a related course of studies (e.g., Pedagogické asistentství) that combines two study subjects or of a corresponding double-subject study.

Who is Eligible

Students who have a bachelor’s degree from a related study program (one that has studied the teaching of both subjects being applied for, e.g. Pedagogické asistentství). For those who have studied abroad, you can see Masaryk University’s page on Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications.

Qualification of the Graduates

This double-subject Master’s study program aims to provide a qualification for the position of an English (and other subject) teacher at lower secondary schools, primary schools, and language schools, or alternately as employees in non-teaching positions requiring an excellent knowledge of English (such as public administration).

Entrance Exams

There are two entrance exams: a test on the basics of scientific knowledge about humans and an exam on the English language. The percentiles of the applicants in both tests will be used to determine who gets accepted.

The entrance exam on the English language consists of a multiple-choice test on vocabulary, grammar, and text comprehension, as well as a few questions about life and culture in English-speaking countries that will investigate the basic orientation of the applicants.

The required initial level is the level C1 according to the CEFR, which corresponds to advanced or the international exam Certificate of Advanced English (though no certificate can replace the entrance exam).

Below you can see sample entrance exams from the previous year.

Expected Entering Level of English

Students are expected to enter the program with a level of English at least at C1 according to the CEFR. This means that students will need to have a high level of fluency in all areas of English. Although there are some Practical Language classes, they will focus especially on classroom English and English for academic purposes and not on general English. Students whose general level is low will need to work on their own or register for optional courses that can help them.


Students may apply for either Daily or Combined studies. Daily students will have classes from Monday to Thursday every week. Combined students will meet once every two weeks (or less often, depending on holidays) on one specific day, either Mondays or Fridays depending on which group they sign up for.

Catalog of Current Subjects and Required Credits

You can see current information on the page for current students of the Učitelství pro ZŠ study programme.

Modules in the Study Programme

This programme has modules on Linguistics, Literature, Methodology, and Practical Language. You can see more about each of these on the page for current students describing the Modules in the Učitelství pro ZŠ Study Programme.