Přednáška o výuce v Turecku, středa 15.5.2024 v 15:00, učebna 32

Přednáška o struktuře vzdělávání v Turecku,  výklad povede  kolegyně z Istanbulu Hediye Demir (v anglickém jazyce).

General Structure of the Turkish National Education System

This seminar aims at describing the structure and explaining the functions of the most typical educational processes that take place in Turkish schools.
General characteristics and major determinants of the Turkish educational system will be described. The Turkish education system is composed of formal and non-formal education. Formal education includes pre-primary, primary,
elementary, secondary, and higher education. Education is compulsory for 12 years between ages 6-18. Schools operate between mid-September and mid-June,
five days a week. After secondary school, students take nationwide exams to determine university placement. The topics that I will talk about at the Turkish Educational System Seminar:
-General Structure of the Turkish National Education System
-History and Development Curriculum and Programs
-Teacher Training and Development
-Assessment and Examination Systems
-Formal and nonFormal Education