Přednáška „Periodic table formation from the point of view of philosophy of measurement“

Periodic table formation from the point of view of philosophy of measurement

středa  3.4.2024 v 14:15, učebna 32

Ave Mets, Univerzita v Tartu, Estonsko
Many people know the periodic table of chemical elements under the name of Mendeleev table, who published his first version in 1869. However, the history of it – of ordering chemical elements – can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th century, first to qualitative classifications of elements, and quantifying the system in course of the century. A fundamental change took place with the discovery of atomic structure in the 20th century. I will discuss the evolution and changes in the basis of this systematisation from the perspective of representational measurement theory.
RMT provides tools for analyzing existing measurements, identifying weaknesses, and suggesting changes to improve accuracy and validity. If different researchers use different representations of the same construct, RMT provides a framework for understanding when and how their results can be compared.