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Welcome to the website of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Vocational Education (DPChVE)

Our department is founded at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University since October 1st, 2012. To this date the department was established as the successor of three formerly independent departments of physics, chemistry, and didactic technologies. This helps in consolidation of the departments and brings the opportunity to better coordinate the STEM oriented education programmes. This decision proved wise as the joint department became well prepared on the new accreditation system of interdisciplinary major and minor study programmes. The union make the management processes more straightforward however the DPChVE remains logically divided into three sections corresponding to the specific education needs of physics, chemistry, and vocational education. You will find additional details on the sections in respective subpages of our website.

Our mission is education through understanding. We want to be a supportive body for both the undergraduate students and the teaching professionals. Our strong position follows from the robust system of lifelong learning and well-developed network of schools and individuals created withing the department and faculty projects co-funded by the DPChVE.

To fulfil our mission, we are providing education of our students – future and actual teachers of physics, chemistry, and vocational education courses. We offer a balanced mix of basic courses (field oriented) with focus on practical aspects of teaching practise (didactics). To support our mission, the actual trends are incorporated into the curriculum through the research performed by the individual academics.

For more information on our teaching and research activities, please, follow the links.

Our department is aware of its societal responsibility. Our activities are closely related to the current needs of the Czech society manifested by the critical lack of educated teachers (specialists) at primary education institutions. The transformation of the Czech society towards knowledge-economy and Industry 4.0 puts increasing demands on STEM oriented learning and support of highly motivated students – future experts. This includes public popularisation activities as well as publishing the results of the R&D of members of the department.

The study of physics, chemistry and technical science is the gateway to scientific and technological progress needed to tackle the Industry 4.0 challenges. However, it can be also interesting solely as an intellectual challenge for any individual who is interested in the nature and its laws, we are living in.

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